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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 15, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good saturday morning to you. i'm kira klapper in or katie marzullo. it's 5:00. let's start with a first quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> hi there. good morning. we are waking up to cooler condition around the bay. it's 51 in san francisco, 52 in oakland with 55 in san jose. so numbers are anywhere from a degree to about 9 degrees cooler except at our coast. we have patchy fog there and it will be dissipating. we are in store for another sunny but cooler afternoon. here's a look at what you can expect around the bay. upper 60s to the mid-70ths along the coast with that on shore flow it will be cool. upper 60s to lower 60. and a few 90s yesterday.
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certainly cooler today. father's day on the way and the summer solstice which begins the summer season. we will update you on the forecast for all those events. thank you. >> thank you. a robbery suspect is dead after being shot by police. had appeared just after ten last night at boulevard burger on castro valley boulevard. police say they were conducting a traffic stop in front of the restaurant when they were alerted that an armed man was robbing the restaurant. sheriff's deputies entered the building and at some point shots were fired. >> the suspect went to fire at the responding deputies that were inside of boulevard burger, and at that time one forecast victim employees tried to grab his arm of the robber. a shot was fired, and deputies returned fire, hitting the suspect and killing the suspect. >> one employee suffered an injury not considered to be life-threatening. the restaurant was closed at the
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time of the burglary and only employees were inside the building. all weekend san francisco police will be staked out at a vacant lot near haze valley in an effort to keep out occupied protesters. the tension ran high between proesters yesterday. a group of occupied protesterred through eggs and rocks at officers following a dispute. police say they made at least three arrests. two were for trespassing as some protesters tried to get into the fenced-off lot. >> they found a spot they figured they could scale the fence did you we were prepare for that and we were able to thwart that. >> last night's demonstration is a continuation of protesters' efforts to take over the vacant lot. they want to use the space as a community garden but police say trees are being cleared from the lot to make room for a large housing complex. vice president joe biden was less than five miles away from
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the occupation, attending a private fundraiser in san francisco's seacliff neighborhood. his motorcade left seacrest about 6:30. the vice president is in one of those three dark s.u.v.s. the fundraiser at the home of a local beverage distributor benefited the democratic national committee. therethey she would out about 50 to $10,000 a piece. he will fly back today. the bar burglars technique has become too familiar. they knock on the door and when there's no answer they break in. livermore has reported 8 such attacks to the police alone and police are warning neighbors to be aware of their tactics. here's up a ma dates. >> this livermore neighborhood off patterson pass road is one of several in the area targeted by burglars. eight homes have been broken into in just the last week but not at night.
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it's happening during the day. >> i wasn't surprised it happened. all eight houses all at once. >> his home was burglarized wednesday. >> sometimes i'll ride my bike home for lunch and i open the door and i saw there was already a little bit of ajar and i look and saw pieces of the door on the floor. >> this is what the thieves did to his floor before making off with his laptop and case. they may be posing as includes tores but instead of selling goods they are check for empty driveways and homes where no one answers the door. >> i have seen guys walking up and down the street with clip boards and going door to door so i don't know if they are really salesmen or if they are burglaries and noting who is at home and who isn't. >> i feel bad that everybody is like show me your credentials but everybody is being super careful. >> green is scared so she's being proactive. >> we've walked around and talk to the other neighbors and we are trying to keep an eye out for each other.
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we try to let each other know if we are are heading out for a while, for how long. >> she lives in a home that came with a security system. she also has noise makers and she's hoping known wants to mess with this dog in the window. >> a lot of people feel they were ripped off by a san francisco travel agency. sunlight travel closed their doors quickly last week. some wondered what happened to their money they paid for travel destinations. four people alone are out $20,000. the attorney's office has created a fraud not line for people who feel they are victims of sun light travel. the number is on our website. just click on "see it on tv." the 99-cent store in the east bay wants to start selling bargain priced alcohol. some neighbors around happy for it. they applied for a permit to sell beer and wine. it would be priced from 99 cents
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to $4.99. one shopper told us econcerned about the kind of people such cheap booze would bring in. >> i don't think it's the greatest idea, especially at a dollar store because you have some people who are come in here at night that aren't the greatest. so it might be a little bit of a dangerous situation for some of the employees. >> there will be a public hearing about the liquor application next month. and new details from facebook about the deal its reached with national security authorities. the agreement allows the certainly media company to release some of the details about the government requests it receives for information about its users. according to a blog post the requests for the last half of 2012 numbered between 9,000 and 10,000. 18,000 user accounts were affected. facebook has come under fire for turnover information to the internet's surveillance program. >> the america cup's racing team that lost a sailor on the bay
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expects to have its replacement boat on the water late last month. art miss racing team only spoke to abc news yesterday. it's the first time they have answered a reporter's questions since their catamaran capsized last month and killed a crewmember. >> got knocked down, but not knocked out. we are fighting to compete. there's a lot of successful people on this team and they didn't win gold medals and get to where they got by rolling over when the hill gets steep. >> the artimis team will miss the first round of racing that starts july 7th. we still plan to keep in the cup in early august and the winner of that series will face defending champion oracle for the america's cup in september. whole foods is apologizing and changing its language policy after facing protests from latino groups.
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latino groups threatened to boycott because two workers in albuquerque say they were suspended for speaking spanish but the company said the problem was their behavior at work. nevertheless, the or gaining grocery chain said employees will now be able to use a common language on the job. the san francisco marathon and half marathons will wind their way through the city tomorrow. they expect about 24,000 runners. embarcadero will be closed to traffic beginning midnight tonight until tomorrow afternoon. bags will be inspected at the start. san francisco police say they will have extra officers on patrol. the full marathon starts and finishes along the embarcadero near mission. you can see on the map the race goes up the north side of the city across the gold gate bridge and back through golden gate park and then winds east. which means there will be lots of road closers throughout the city tomorrow. there will be similar closers for the half marathons. we have this map along with a list of closers on our website
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at for help navigating across the road blocks, get waze on your smartphone. you can download it for free from apple app store or from google play. meteorologist lisa argen joins us with the father's day weekend forecast. maybe we can extend father's day into today. >> why not? you know the temperatures are coming down. we had a few 90s yesterday. the marine layer is back. here's a look at nobody on the golden gate bridge. oakland, san francisco, numbers in the low 50s. we will talk about the cool down, the first day of summer and if there is a warmup in store, that's straight ahead. >> also next, facebook has something knew in the books. don't they always? we will tell you what tech analysts will announce next week. and the past meets the future. we remember them as
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>> welcome back. what a beautiful view. you are getting this look courtesy of the exploratorium cam. putting some pinks and purples ahead of the sunrise this morning. san francisco 64 today, breezy but sunny. meteorologist lisa argen has your cooler forecast coming up in a few minutes. in developing news out of colorado, firefighters now have the destructive black forest fire 30% contained. yesterday the wind died down and rain fell, allowing crews to make major gains fighting the most destructive fire in colorado history. some mandatory evacuation
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notices have even been lifted. we have a look at their strategy. to use water efficiently they surround a house, wait for the flames to burn the fuel around the property and then turn on the hoses. despite those efforts nearly 500 homes have been destroyed and two people have been killed. knew this morning, it seems a deadly attack by the taliban cannot defeat the spirit of the u.s. troops, determined to continue with a basketball tournament. we have the details from kabul. >> we play ball every day out here. >> just like it is back in the neighborhood when you were playing ball. >> it could be any basketball court in america. >> it's like when i was little. i played in high school. >> a group of friends out in the hot summer sun. >> turnaround! >> wonderful, wonderful! >> get them away a little job
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and give them a break and allows them to do their job well when they do have to go back to work. >> the tattered curtains, the barbed wire. this is in afghanistan. >> i will see what charles barker has to say. >> we've come here to shoot video for the nebraska to be broadcast during this week's finals. >> what's it like to just be out here? >> i'll tell you, afghanistan is probably not your first vacation spot. >> it was day one of a two-day tournament. a chance for soldiers to forget about the war and just feel normal. >> why don't you put that on tv. >> but that relative piece changed in the blink of an eye. [helicopter] [gunfire] >> on day two of the tournament the taliban attacked.
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soldiers went from the court to scrambling for cover as militants stormed a nearby building firing rockets and force the base into lock down. staff sergeant was just days away from returning home. >> you don't know if you are going to make it home 20 your family. that's the first thing that comes into your mind. >> after a five-hour standoff, after began ga security forces killed all the militants, but not before they blasted a hole through one of the base's airplane's hangars. inside their hijacked compound the stench of gas and death were everywhere. some things so gruesome, we could never broadcast them. >> all of these are bullet holes and you can see the burn marks on the wall. >> the attack meant the tournament was cancelled. but then something unexpected happened. the very next day soldiers were back on the court.
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>> thank everybody at home. i love the court. >> insisting the games would go on. >> what does that say about the strength of the u.s. military? >> that we stand together, regardless of the situation. >> it says that our resolve to win, our resolve to continue this mission, is what it's all about. >> in some places basketball is more than just a game. >> this unit gave them an opportunity to get a slice of america hereinafter afghanistan. >> in a week where the world's eyes are fixed on the nba finals, it's a reminder, the power of sports played by those who love it has the power to heel. >> when people think about basketball, they may not realize how important basketball can take my bicycle a place like this. what would you say to them? >> basketball fans, it's cool. >> i would say enjoy the game, enjoy watching the finals at home. you know, and be blessed and proud that we are over here serving to assure can enjoy that game at home with your family and your friends.
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that's what i would say. >> good-bye, america. see you next year! >> that was mohamed lela reporting. facebook has a big announcement to make next week but it's not yet clear what exactly it is. yesterday postcard invitations arrived to journalists throughout the bay area. they say a small team has been working on a big idea. join us for coffee and learn about a new product. facebook often holds media events but this snail mail invitation and coffee thing has led to speculation online. tech analysts believe it to be a new rss feed that would allow them to include web and news feeds in their facebook pages. google reader offered a similar service but the company is closing it down sadly. next week george lucas will make a pitch to open a new art museum at crissy field. he will presence his idea to the presidio trust on monday. the star wars creator has a large collection of pop and classic art. he wants to display that at the
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proposed lucas cultural art museum. it wouldn't be just his collection but also performance exhibits and other collections. he wants to pay the $300 million construction costs. he would spend a total of $800 million in two endowments to run the museum long after he dies. at the san mateo county fair this weekend ice not only the future farmers of america but the futuresser builders and programmers all showing off their work. as jonathan bloom found out, the fair takes on a whole new meaning when you put it at the edge of silicon valley. rise and shine. >> it's final for the san mateo county fair. don't forget to bring a sweater. and try not to eat too much. kids and up is and down the peninsula come here to show off their livestock but in the next building over eats a whole even animal. >> og9. >> named after a star wars
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character, it's more than just a good dancer. it throws frisbees extremely well. >> there is various motors and even a camera. >> what these kids are doing actually isn't that different from the kids who are raising livestock. this is really what the fair has always been about. >> we have kids that go agriculture and you are we have kids who grow row pots. >> what is important the kids grow, whether by building things or taking them apart. >> what are you fining in there? >> we are finding springs, screws, a lot of just period parts. >> springs and screws are nothing new. >> the fair has always about being new technology to the communities. new tractors and combines back in the day and now new computers and digital printers. >> and back in the day the winners gets a blue ribbon like this 14 year old who built a marshmallow cannon. >> three, two, one, fire! >> it may need a little fine-tuning. >> a malfunction! >> the technology exhibits have
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doubled in size every year but don't think they will edge out the animals. there's always a place for it at the fair. in san mateo. [cowan mooing] >> abc7 news. >> next week they will consider stricter laws to consider secondhand smoke. it comes after they got a poor rating with the american lung association because of poor tobacco control. if enforced smoking wouldn't be allowed downtown or at city parks. it will also be banned inside all multi-family units and at-batios and near entrances. also new this morning. north bay commuters taking the ferry may find themselves paying for parking. we need yeah partner reports golden gate initials are looking for ways to charge for parking
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at the larkspur passing terminal. a price has not been set but it could take effect as early as this fall. a beautiful day to take the ferry yesterday but it will be much cooler than yesterday. meteorologist lisa argen joins us now. >> we have the fog. we didn't have that yesterday morning. it will dissipate. sunny skies on at that point, but you are right, temperatures coming down today. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. the marine layer is are in from about 1,000 to 1200 feet deep and that's allowing for great skies around san francisco. hayward and oakland this morning. good morning, mt. tam. you see the marine layer and the sun coming up just before 6:00. 55 in mountain view. good morning half moon bay. 56 in santa cruz. much warmer here with the low clouds and fog this morning. it was 45 yesterday morning, half moon bay. and a look at the bay bridge. you will see that low cloud deck, 54 napa, 55 fairfield,
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with 52 in los gatos. our emeryville camera noticing a little bit in the way of cloudiness, but the forecast calls for the patchy clouds at the coast. then we are going to clear. so it will be cooler, a little breezy today. certainly in san francisco. a nice day tomorrow for father's day. so the fog that we have is not going to last too long. in fact, it will evaporate and everyone, except at the coast, will be left with mostly sunny conditions. notice the temperatures though. we have 60s, 70s down toward the santa clara valley. the oranges and the reds pretty much absent from most of the bay. you have to go far north into sonoma to reach the 80s and perhaps over toward the delta and the livermore valley for a few temperatures in the 80s. the reason being, we have an upper level trough that's dropping down from the north and west w that off the coast, moderate onshore breezes will be back. that allows for cooler marine air to press further into the bay. and even into the east bay, the sacramento valley. good news for the fire danger
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for the northern sacramento valley. yesterday numbers were well into the 90s and cooler weather for all today. so here's a look at the temperature trend. what to expect for the week ahead in san jose. high temperatures today in the mid-70s. dropping a few more degrees as we head toward monday and tuesday. wednesday it is starting to recover, but it really isn't until thursday and friday. the only 80-degree temperature here into next weekend. nice day in the south bay today with 75 in santa clara, as well as sunnyvale. santa cruz checking in about 70 today. san mateo, same deal. upper 50s half moon bay. 57 in pacifica. we could get a couple patches of to go that longer along the san mateo coast. san francisco coming down yesterday. you were well into the low 70s. 64 with that west wind throughout the day. and in the north bay highs ranging from the upper 60s to the mid-70s. petaluma 80, calistoga. so a couple 80-degree temperatures. 71 in oakland today. 69 in newark.
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and we've got the game today. 4:15. should be pretty nice with numbers staying just around 70 at game time. out over the hill, 9 in concord and a few 80s. low to mid-80s. certainly anywhere from five to eight degrees cooler here from brentwood to livermore. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, plenty of commencements going on around the bay area today. a nice day for that. not too hot. 70s. cooler monday. tuesday looks to be the coolest day of the week but temperatures averaging where they should be for this time of year and a recovery by the end of the upcoming work week. we will let you know how warm it will be in your community. you can keep track of bay area weather at twitter on live doppler 7hd. >> great, lisa. thank you. next, new video shows what google's glass device can do. we will
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>> welcome back at 5:27. google glass is not only a new style to some people, it's a search engine for all users. the company has released this video showing what glass can do. all you have to do is touch the pad on the side of the device and ask a question. in seconds the answer pops up on the lens. analysts say it's impressive seeing google's ability to understand context and conversational language, combined with the handsfree experience of glass. coming up next, lawmakers approve a new budget deal in sacramento. we will tell what you still needs to be done before it can
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take effect. and an update on the naked man who went on an acrobatic rampage in a bart station. why he may never go to trial.
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>> welcome back at 5:30 on this saturday morning. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, kira. we are watching the fog deeper. here it is from mt. tam. so it is providing some milder temperatures with the clear conditions. we get the radiational cooling but it's still cool out there. 505 mountain view as well as oakland and 51 san francisco. fog reaching into the east bay from oakland this morning. berkeley, it peels back to the coast. you notice a few patches here. that's why we will keep the temperatures from the upper 50s to the lower 60s
5:31 am
san francisco. so that's down anywhere from four to six degrees. 70s will prevail for parts of the south bay but you have to go way to the north and into our inland east bay to reach the 80s. we will detail the forecast for the rest of your weekend and talk about the beginning of summer all coming up in a few minutes. kira. >> look forward to it. thank you, lisa. 5:31 right now. new this morning, president obama said there is no substitute for the love and support that fathers provide n his weekly internet and radio address, obama is wishing americans a happy father's day. he says the role of the father can be a difficult one, no matter the circumstances of the parents. being a good parent, whether you are gay or straight, a foster parent or a grandparent, isn't easy. it demands your constant attention, frequent sacrifice and, of course, a healthy dose of patience. and nobody is perfect. to this day i'm still trying to figure out how to be a better husband to my wife and a better father to my kids. the president also says he wants to encourage marriage and strong families lawings to get
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more fathers engaged with their children. president obama's family vacation to africa could cost taxpayers nearly $100 million. here's why. the trip includes hundreds of agents to guard the family. military planes to airlift 56 vehicles, including 14 limousines, and enough bulletproof glass to cover windows at all of the president's hotels, and an aircraft carrier with a mull medical center will be nearby. the obamas are planning the eight-day trip to africa for later this month. in comparison former president clinton's trip in 1998 cost about $43 million. california lawmakers are expected to return to the capitol to vote on trailer bills. they are required to implement the $96 billion spending plan approved yesterday, a full day before their deadline. it raced through the assembly and senate and passed in both houses on a strictly party line
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vote. the budget will provide more money to k through 12 schools with a focus on low income and english learning students. it will next go to governor brown for final approval. public safety workers in so mommia county -- sonoma county are set to vote monday on a new contract. it would save taxpayer money by reducing overtime, extending a salary freeze through next fall, and reducing and eliminating wage premiums. the deal comes as the county looks to curve rising pension costs and reduce total compensation. a bay area man faces serious charges after getting arrested in an online sex sting. santa clara county sheriffs deputies say this man, the 23-year-old man of petaluma, made arrangements via the internet toffoli sex with and physically abuse an 11-year-old
5:34 am
girl. undercover agents began talking to him eight months ago. they arefereed him monday after agreeing to meet him in downtown san jose >> he showed up just like he told us he was going to. he brought the items that he said he was going to, and he admitted to he was going to intend to perform what he said in his communication with us. a special task force has conduct add number of online stings like this. agents say they have arrested other suspected predators over the past several months. a convicted sex offender finds himself in the middle of a fight over an abandoned boat in richmond. the cabin cruiser here washed up at marina bay last month. richmond police arrested its owner, donald olson, a few days later because he failed to register with them as a sex offender. olson has lived on that boat in the past. nobody is living on it right now. residents want it removed, but the law bars police from doing that until june 24th at the earliest. marina bay is a very beautiful setting on
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san francisco bay overlooking brooks island. and you have a boat that's been 24 days to get them out?kes them that's a little too long. richmond police department specify the crime olson commit bud they say he's considered to be a low risk sex offender. san francisco police are looking for witnesses and bart is taking new action after a naked man terrorized passengers last month. cell phone video shows the wild-eyed man roaming a bart station while performing his acrobatic an continues and attacking riders. it took some time before help arrived. abc7 news reporter heather ishimaru has new information about the man who was arrested. security cameras are positioned all over bart stations. but it's this cell phone video that will be the key evidence against 24-year-old man in the criminal case against him. but that case may never get to trial if he's deported first. it's unclear now which will
5:36 am
happen first. bart riders at the 16th street station say even for this station, which has a high concentration of transients, his may 10th assaults were something different. >> if i was here, i would be worried for people's health and safety concerns because he's running up and down, jumping around to the bart thingover, there you know. safety issues there. looking back at it now, funny to the people but if you are caught up in a moment like that it can be pretty scary. you figure he's got to be under the influence of something and then that plays into the part of it, too. so you start thinking about that. that can be a scary time. >> bart will soon be getting hundreds of new realtime surveillance cameras in the stations and on the trains. and while no one other than bart employees intervened in this case, bart police say a free pass for the san francisco law enforcement can provide surprise trained backup in these situations. >> quite often when they have incidents like what happened on
5:37 am
16th street you will find an off-duty officer gets involved. or they assist our officers in taking somebody into custody. so we are very thankful to have that kind of a resource in downtown san francisco to help us out. >> you might think the cell phone video is evidence of plenty, but the san francisco district attorney's office and bart police are still looking for witnesses and still trying to identify victims on the video. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. knew this morning, the san jose sharks plan to begin talks with the city about ways to improve hp pavilion. our media partner, the contra costa times, reports the top priority will be given to enhancing the building's interior. sharks say the improvements could be funded from the payments the team makes to use the building. that money usually goes into the general fund. sharks officials say they have no interest in replacing hp pavilion, despite the fact that it is the sixth oldest building in the nhl. in a few hours san francisco
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will kick off the juneteenth festival. it's a celebration of the abolish meant of slavery in the u.s. the free event features live music, a parade, arts and crafts, booths and food venders. mayor ed lee is expected to attend. the event runs this morning until 7:00 tonight. question have an exciting miew and improved abc7 news app to tell you about for your i-phone or android and it's free. you can use it to watch some of our abc7 newscasts live on your smartphone or tablet. >> do you have the app for news in the bay area? our knew and improved abc7 news mobile phone app can keep you updated with the latest news, weather and traffic, all in the palm of your hand. >> watch abc7 news and breaking news on your phone. check out what's happening in
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your neighborhood. the state, the country and around the globe. >> share those stories on facebook and twitter. the new abc7 news app makes it easy. >> showing quiet conditions here but over the sierra -- >> rain, end, fog. we have it all in the bay area. and the new abc7 news app provides but the weather reports i depend on, including the accuweather seven-day forecast. will the weather delay your commute? the abc7 news app has that covered too. check out traffic before you hit the road with our up to the minute realtime traffic app. >> in order to enjoy all it has to offer you have to download the new abc7 news app for your apple or android device, even if you have the old app. it is free. you can get it by going to our website, abc7 news. next on the abc7 saturday morning news, the surprising san francisco location where artwork inspired by the sistine
5:40 am
chapel is now being painted. and we have a live look from our roof cam. a beautiful morning out there. some low clouds and fog, some guy skies, but the sun will be out. cooler temperatures. meteorologist lisa argen has your forecast for the day
5:41 am
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>> you may have seen michael d'angelo's painting at the sistine chapel. well it sort of has arrived in san francisco. here's lane to show you. >> maybe you noticed the construction project on jefferson street at fisherman's wharf. how could you know behind the gold dust lounge there is a more elaborate one? >> which project is more difficult? >> i think mine. >> it's more delicate. please forgive the artist for laying down on a mattress on the job when painting a mural on the ceiling. it's a tool of the trade, just
5:43 am
like paint and brushes. >> do you ever fall asleep up there? >> yeah, almost a couple of times. >> because mostly she paints through the night. >> i think the painting up there represents a time where you have a few cocktails, you look up at thelike you are in like heaven. >> for nick it's another chapter in the glorious history of his gold dust lounge. a tower multiruss one recently when he was evicted from his traditional location on powell street. >> we had to leave because the lease ran out. >> when he moved he brought along some statues and original chandeliers and even produced the famous bar in longer form. but the mural on the ceiling became problematic. >> two of us pulled it down in a couple of hours. it wasn't so hard. >> while pulling the canvas off the old ceiling was a good idea until they tried putting it up on this one, it was too small. then nick tried taking picture
5:44 am
ofs of the figures and putting those up there. see the pixels on the naked woman? not quite the same effect. >> the original mural dated back to the 1950s and was the work of in scene artists hired bier none other than bing crosby. l. he la will bring the artistic nudes back to life. >> there are all the secret things they want me to fill in there but not talk about. >> can we talk about those. >> no. >> some things remain sacred, even in the sistine chapel of paw loans. wade freedman, abc7 news. >> that is great. we can't see much of the sky right now. allow loads and fog. >> absolutely. we will be about ten degrees cooler. from our roof camera you can see a little bit of the cloudiness. there's more to the east and along the san mateo coast. it's in the low 50s here. 47 in santa rosa. we will talk about the cool down, father's day and when
5:45 am
summer begins what to expect. that's all coming up. >> all right. thank you, lisa. also next, finding their groove. madison bumgarner pitches a gem a day after matt cain's solid outing. we have the highlights of the giants' shutout over the braves coming up in sports. >> abc7 traffic reporter. we've already picked two big winners of the gas shell give away but we have five more to go. if you haven't entered yet, you still have a chance to enter for $700 in free gas from shell. all you have to do is click the like button on our facebook page and fill out the form. if you are a fan you still need to fill out a form. we will an
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>> welcome back. meteorologist lisa argen joins
5:48 am
us. we were talking about her nickname but he with can't talk about it. >> a forecast including father's day. >> subtle changes between today and tomorrow but big changes from yesterday. 91 was the high in gilroy and we were in the mid-70s in san francisco with about a ten degree cool down on tap due to a moderate on shore push. low clouds and fog anywhere from about 1,000 to 1300 feet deep has allowed for the gray sky this morning, mt. tam. the fog is slowly edging across the bay. 51 san francisco and 55 in mountain view and 50 half moon bay. we were clear yesterday. numbers dropped into the lower 40s in spots. 56 santa cruz. still the marine layer adding the extra blanket and keeping us mild in some spots. here's other look at the bay bridge. you see the low clouds. 47 santa rosa. we tied a record in watsonville yesterday at 46. so depends on where you are whether or not that fog is insulating you or you have some
5:49 am
of that radiational cooling. 54 in livermore, good morning union city. 54 for you with mid-50s out by the delta. we were well into the 50s yesterday. change is upon us due to the low clouds and fog. the on shore push with the patchy low clouds and fog this morning. they will linger at the coast for a time being this afternoon. so not the entire coast will be sunny but if you shall taking a hike at point reyes to bring the jacket but it will be breezy with some sun. cooler today, nice weather on tap tomorrow for father's day. overall fay a look at the 24 hour temperature change. this is where we have the warmer conditions. but seven degrees cooler in novato. 9 degrees cooler in fairfield and 3 degrees of cooling in concord and san jose. so we are looking at the setup which is fairly typical. the low clouds and fog and this area of low pressure that will enhance that onshore flow. not only today, but it's going to linger here for the next several days. when it finally kicks out, we will warm up. but that's not going to be until
5:50 am
thursday. so several days of cooling on the way. but actually that brings us down to seasonal averages. we've been above average. so all in all pretty nice looking forecast for the next several days. temperatures coming down five degrees in monterey for a high of 61. still hot in fresno, 96 there. 88 in yosemite with 74, starting out in the 30s in the northern sierra. look for 89 in sacramento with 104 in palm springs. the afternoon highs today ranging from the upper 50s with some fog at the san mateo coast. 73 palo alto. look for 76 in san jose. average high should be just around 80 degrees north and south end of the bay. so a little shy of that. 71 in oakland with 80 in livermore today. so 4:15, big game this afternoon in oakland. temperatures starting out in and around the 70-degree mark and then dropping through the 60s
5:51 am
for about 65 at 7:00. here's at accuweather seven day forecast. tomorrow, father's day, very similar to what we're experiencing today. cooler for monday and we are looking at the coolest day to be tuesday, below average. wednesday a little breezy, and then the summer solstice, 10:04:00 p.m. ushers in the official start of summer and warmer by next weekend. looking pretty good out there. >> i know people consider memorial day to be the unofficial start of summer, but seeing that the seasons are actually changing this week kind of just flying. >> i know. makes you feel young, right? >> yes. makes you appreciate each moment or try to live for the mommy, as least. thank you, lisa. we look forward to the week. it looks nice. >>? sports this morning, 68 players are completing the second round of the u.s. open. they are still trying to catch up with the rain delays. the cut line is 8 over par. here's sports director larry beil with yesterday's highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. so much for the notion that rain
5:52 am
would really soften up the course at the u.s. open. after two days only two players are under par at marion golf club in pennsylvania. the groundhogs route, they are so cute. look at this critter. scampers across the fairway and the crowd is roaring. he's about to hit and a ball comes up from behind and hits his. who did that? tiger woods, three over four shots off the pace. how about the amateur michael kim? he will complete his second round today but 1 over 11, a magnificent ship. billy, 3 under 67. long byrd on 18. he's 1 under par and so is mickelson who finished strong with a birdie on 18. he's tied at 1 under. half the field will finish round two today. this is the kind of pitching the giants have been waiting for. a shutout on thursday night in pittsburgh, another one last night in atlanta. madison bumgarner was dealing.
5:53 am
had a no-hitter through five. threw seven scoreless. fans ten. and they all get nothing and like it. back in his home state of georgia, buster posey, 3 for 5. three doubles and knocking in tony abreu as the giants win their second consecutive shutout by a score of 6-0. a's hosting the mariners. fifth inning. down 1-0. the pop-up. we call this the husband and wife play because there is no communication! jason bay and nick adam collide. frank was running on the play. he scores the first. and former a's draft, he takes tommy malone deep. back at the wall, twisting and turning but didn't get the elevation there. his first career homer. the mariners go on to win by a score of 3-2. the nba finals, now best two out of three. game five coming up sunday in san antonio. and the final two games, if
5:54 am
necessary, are scheduled for miami. we saw a desperate heat team in attack mode all night long in game four, led by dwayne wade and lebron james. they combined for 65 points, and chris bosh added 20 more to even the series at two games a piece. game five will be huge. >> i think game five should be the best game of this series. both teams should come out knowing each other, knowing what each other want to do and it should be a very good game. >> we will have game five right here on abc7. coverage starts sunday at 4:30 in the afternoon. warriors forward will join me on the postgame show after the game. that's a wrap on sports. see you at five, six, nine and eleven with all the u.s. open highlights. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> thank you, larry. coming up next, an annual san francisco tradition in a
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5:56 am
5:57 am
>> new this morning the san francisco ethnic dance festival kicks off today. it will be 346789ced by our very own sherrill jennings. the festival celebrates three and a half decades of dance lineage in the bay area. more than 500 dancers and musicians from 36 countries are expected to perform. it runs through the end of june. if you would like a complete schedule and artist listing, go to and click on see it on tv. also happening today, san francisco will celebrate all things italian as it kicks off their 59th annual north beach festival. this year's event has more than 125 arts and crafts booths, 20 gourmet food booths, live entertainment and street painting. event runs along vallejo street in the north bay district from ten to six both today and
5:58 am
tomorrow. knew at six, we continue to follow developing news in the east bay. why sheriffs investigators say a deputy shot and killed the suspect during a restaurant robbery. and a new crime spree hits the east bay. the wave of brazen
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good saturday morning to you. i'm kira klapper in or katie marzullo. it's 6:00. let's start with a first quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. we are starting out with low fog and clouds w that a cool down is in store today. anywhere from four to eight degrees cooler. waking up with the marine layer anywhere from 1200 feet deep. th


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